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3 Bedroom or more House Description

Hi, I have 5 bedrooms to rent in carnarvon house. I maintain 1 bedroom in the basement for myself if I come to town, Extremely rare (last 2 years been there once) had 5 roommates living in the house for last 3 years but alas the girls have graduated! Looking for a crew that will take care of this old house. Lots of nice renos kitchen, floors, 2 bedrooms are new. I am a captain and live in the Caribbean. Have had house on Airbnb in summer in the past but don?t bother anymore. Great crew for 3 years (you can talk to them if you like get a sense of how things work. Utilities are extra. I WhatsApp the amounts near the end of each month so that you know amounts and we did interac for rent and utilities. You can get me on WhatsApp 916-743-5106 Cheers, mike